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It is very important that you know your rights and responsibilities as tenants/owners of a manufactured home on a rental pad.  It helps if you read the Act and the Regulations at least once.  You can always seek the guidance of a free Advocate if you need help in interpreting and understanding the relevant parts that may concern you.  See the SeniorsAdvocate page to contact a free Advocate in Penticton.

The changes outlined below are a big win for all tenants/owners of a manufactured home on a rental pad.

Here is a link to the amended MANUFACTURED HOME PARK TENANCY ACT.  It was amended by the TENANCY STATUTES AMENDMENT ACT, 2017.  This Act also amended the MANUFACTURED HOME PARK TENANCY REGULATIONS and the RESIDENTIAL TENANCY ACT and other Acts.

The major changes that may have an affect on tenant/owners in Manufactured Home Parks are as follows:

  1. restrict the ability for landlords to use a vacate clause with fixed term leases, except in specific circumstances that will be provided for by regulation;

  2. limit rent increases between fixed-term tenancy agreements with the same tenant to the maximum annual allowable amount;

  3. enable the Residential Tenancy Branch to take stronger action to enforce tenancy laws with repeat violators.

  4. the ability of a landlord wanting to get a rent increase on a unit claiming the rent is significantly lower than other similar rental units in the same geographic area has been taken away from them.

Those would appear to be the three main changes, although tenancy agreements in Manufactured Home Parks are generally on a month to month term and not a fixed-term.

Firstly, lets look at what has changed regarding Rent Increases.

Part 4 Rent Increases

Rent increases

34 A landlord must not increase rent except in accordance with this Part.

Timing and notice of rent increases

35 (1) A landlord must not impose a rent increase for at least 12 months after whichever of the following


(a) if the tenant's rent has not previously been increased, the date on which the tenant's rent was first payable for

the manufactured home site;

Secondly, unless your tenancy agreement has a fixed term clause in it, this change mainly affects renters who are not in a Manufactured Home Park.

Thirdly, the change enables the Residential Tenancy Branch to take stronger action to enforce tenancy laws with repeat violators. Click on the link to Part 6.1, Administrative Penalties.

Fourthly, the other big change brought about by the recent amendment of the Acts and Regulations is that landlords are now no longer able to apply for an additional rent increase based on the fact that the rent is significantly lower than other similar rental units in the same geographic area.

The BC Government brought about this change by repealing Section 33 (1) (a) in Part 5 under the heading Additonal rent increase, in the Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Regulation.

Under the Residential Tenancy Regulation, under Part 4, under the heading Additional rent increase, Section 23 (1) (a) was repealed. This used to read as follows: "(a) after the rent increase allowed under section 22 (annual rent increase), the rent for the rental unit is significantly lower than the rent payable for other rental units that are similar to, and in the same geographic area as, the rental unit;".

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